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The definitive start-to-finish packing guide when moving to a new place

So you have finally found your dream home, and have finally managed to sell your old house too, so now comes the tricky part: the actual house move. You have organised and bought all the cardboard packaging that you need for the job, now what?

Best house moving boxes

  • Firstly, when you pack the removal van, put the largest items in first. This creates more room for the smaller stuff afterwards, and means you can cram more things into the van, saving you a journey or two and a lot of time.
  • Large items include washing machines, sofas and wardrobes.
  • Next, go through into each room of the home with some best house moving boxes and group things together from each room by category. For example, if you had a book case in the living room, put the books into a box, write on the outside of the box to say there are books inside, and also write that they were from the living room. This may sound obvious, but it makes unpacking a lot easier!
  • Make sure you group precious and delicate items together, and wrap them in bubble wrap as well for protection. You can then look after those boxes extra carefully, so ensure that nothing gets broken.
  • Always drive extremely slowly to the new home, because this again will help to prevent damage and breakage.
  • Pack the removal van like a jigsaw, putting as many things in as possible. This not only saves you time, but it prevents your items moving around when you drive to the new home.
  • Always strap your cardboard packaging boxes to the sides of the removal van too, which again will prevent them from sliding around and breaking the contents inside.


Using the best quality packing tape will help you too, and will ensure that the seal doesn’t get broken when you carry things (which always ruins your day). Purchasing double walled stronger cartons will always be the best option for house movers, as they protect and prevent damage. Never buy too large boxes, because they can be too hard to carry when they are full of things. Pick a medium sized box, that is strong and durable, and you can fit more of those into the small gaps in the removal van too.


You can hire a lorry or a van from any local company, for less than £100, and so it is often best to do this so that you can handle your possessions yourself to prevent damage. However, if your house move is very large, then hiring a professional removal company might prove to be the best option available.


When you are transporting the removal boxes to the removal van, using a sat truck is always much easier, because it takes the weight off of the items and will make transporting easier.

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How soon before moving should I start packing?

Organising a house move is one of the most stressful processes that you can go through. There are so many little things that you have to think about, and planning as early as possible is the key to success. The packing process is the most time consuming part, and if you have a large house or a cluttered house with plenty of possessions, then the task of packing becomes more and more difficult. Allowing yourself plenty of time is the best thing to do when it comes to packing, but how soon before moving should you begin packing? With many years of experience in the removals industry, here is what we have found:


  • Some houses are more cluttered than others, and this will obviously vary the amount of time that it takes to pack up the house with bubble wrap packaging. We can therefore only offer an average amount of time, to give you a guideline based on averages, which you can add time to, or subtract, based on how cluttered you believe that your house is.
  • In general, it takes ten packing boxes to be filled per room of the house. This includes your kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room and every other room in your house. Some items in each room are going to be delicate, and will require wrapping in bubble wrap for packing prior to packing too which can add to the time it takes to pack. Each box will need securing shut using strong packing tape too, which again can take time.
  • Each room and the possessions in each room need to be organised before they are packed away, and you will need to group certain items together to make unpacking a bit easier at the other end. You will need to write on the boxes to say which room of the house they belong in, and which possessions are included in each.
  • The boxes will need to be piled neatly so that they are ready to be moved to your new home.
  • All of these small tasks need to be completed as part of the packing process with high quality bubble wrap and so on average it takes one full day to pack each room of the house, with ten boxes. One full day is classified as twelve hours. So this can help you decide how much in advance you should begin packing. If you have a three bedroom house, with seven rooms in the house, then a full week before you move is a good time to start packing up your belongings.

You are always better off packing as far in advance as possible using bubble wrap suppliers UK, and make sure that you do not leave everything to the last minute. If you still have packing to do on the removal day, then it will slow everything down, and will cost you a lot more because the removal companies often charge for helping you pack. Some removal companies offer the service of packing, so that you don’t have to, but this is very expensive and they won’t be able to organise your possessions as well as you would like, and they won’t take care of your possessions as well as you would like. So we always recommend doing the packing yourself.

What should you not pack when moving?

Packing up your household possessions when moving house is a long and painful process. Some houses are very cluttered, and most houses are more cluttered than you might originally think. Hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of objects need to be packed into boxes, and many of those need protecting using bubble wrap or packing paper first as well, which all takes a long time. Many days need to be set aside before your removal date, purely for the process of packing up your items. Most objects will need to be packed into house shifting packing boxes, because the removal company prefer it this way because they are easier to move and carry, and easier to stack in the removal van or lorry. Which objects should you not pack when moving? What do removal companies usually do with those objects to move them? With many years of experience running a removals business, we can offer the following advice and input:

  • Large electrical items should not be packed into storage boxes for house removals (because they will not fit anyway, and because they are far too heavy) such as a dishwasher or oven. These objects should simply be placed into the removal lorry separately. They will require several strong people to carry them out of your home and into the removal lorry, and they should be placed into the removal lorry before all of the boxes. The reason that they are packed into the lorry before moving boxes near me, is because they are so large, and it enables you to fit as many items into each load of the lorry as possible. Boxes are easier to pack on top of a dishwasher, than a dishwasher on top of boxes.
  • Really delicate and valuable objects should not be packed into boxes either. If you pack them away with everything else in house moving boxes, then you take the risk of damage and things getting broken, and if they are extremely valuable, then they will cost a lot to replace. With these types of objects, you should carry them yourself separately in your car. Removal companies will always be as careful as they can possibly be with your possessions, but accidents happen no matter what, so looking after the most delicate things yourself is the only solution.
  • Dangerous items should not be packed up before moving. Things such as a really sharp sword ornament, for example, would not be packed into a box, because it could seriously harm somebody carrying that box if they fall over. A gas canister is another example of something that should not be packed away. For things like this, you need to make them clear to the removal company that they are dangerous and need to be handled with the utmost care and attention.
  • Irreplaceable objects, such as pictures of family members which have died for example, should not be packed and moved with the rest of your things, because of the potential accidents that could happen which would cause them to be lost forever. Moving them yourself should be easy enough.

With all of these examples, you can move a small number of objects yourself in your car, and ensure that they are completely safe from harm. By reducing the risk, you can ensure that your house move goes as smoothly as possible. We recommend that you buy moving boxes online.

How long should it take to pack a 3 bedroom house?

Moving house can be a very stressful period of time for most households, and planning everything that goes into a house move is tricky and time consuming, on top of your everyday working lives. Planning the actual date and time of the house move, and preparing your things for the removal day is something that you need to think about. Some people choose to do the move themselves, others choose to use a professional removal company to assist them, but in both cases you will need to pre pack your belongings prior to the date of removal. So how long does it actually take to pack a 3 bedroom house using boxes for house moving? How much time do you need to allow yourself for the packing process? From working on removals for over 10 years, here is what we think:

  • Some 3 bedroom houses are going to be more cluttered than others, and this will affect the time it takes to pack the house ready for your move. Some houses that are very cluttered will take much longer to pack, and some houses that have minimal possessions will be quick and easy to pack. We can however, take an average 3 bedroom house, and estimate based on that.
  • Some 3 bedroom houses have more rooms in total than others, which is another factor that can affect the time that it takes to pack the house. Again, we can only take an average and estimate from that.
  • On average, each room of the house should require ten best boxes for moving UK. These boxes will include all of the smaller objects in that room. For example, the kitchen will require ten quality boxes for moving that are strong, to pack up plates, glasses, mugs and cooking equipment. On top of those ten boxes, there are going to be larger objects which you will move on their own without boxes, such as an oven or dishwasher.
  • These ten boxes, from the best places to get moving boxes, need to be filled with objects which are pre wrapped in bubble wrap, and you need to tape up the individual boxes so that they are shut securely.
  • We estimate, from past experience, that it takes four hours to pack each room of the house, fully, so that the room is completely emptied and the items are fully ready for moving. It is a longer process than you might think, especially with the larger furniture which can be a challenge to move and fit out of the doors.
  • It is therefore worth keeping back at least three days for packing a 3 bedroom house, prior to your removal date. The actual process of moving once you have already packed your belongings, shouldn’t take more than one full day (12 hours), providing you have at least 3 people assisting with the move and a lorry / van available.

Tape dispenser guns can make the securing of packing boxes for moving using tape much quicker and easier, and will save you a lot of time and effort. Making sure that you have the correct packaging materials arriving long before the packing process begins will also save you time and ensure that you can get started immediately with no interruptions.

How many books can fit in a box?

you are moving home or office, then you are likely to have plenty of books that you need to relocate. The process of moving books is tricky, and knowing exactly which type and size of box you are going to need for the job is tough. As most people only move house once every seven years, it is not something that you would remember doing. Books are delicate items that can easily get damaged if you do not protect them well enough, and they can become very heavy when trying to carry too many books at once, so there are plenty of things that you need to think about and consider. Calculating exactly how many books can fit into a box is also something that you need to think about, because this will determine how many boxes that you need to purchase for the task. Where to buy large cardboard box is also something to think about. So here is what we think:

  • Double walled cardboard packing boxes UK are the perfect type of box for moving books. The reason for this is because they are very strong and durable, and so they can hold the weight of the books that you put into them without breaking. They will help to protect the books from damage also, and they can be stacked on top of one another easily without breaking. They are reliable; and ultimately that is what you need from a moving box.
  • A small layer of bubble wrap around each individual box will further help prevent damage of the outside of the books. Bubble wrap is waterproof too; so if it rains during transit you have nothing to worry about.
  • Medium sized best packing boxes are the best for moving books. They are easy to carry when full, because they will not become too heavy to carry as you can only fit so many books into each box. They allow you to fit the ideal number of books so that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently, but without the boxes becoming too heavy and tiresome to carry. Most removal companies prefer medium sized cardboard boxes for packing for heavy objects, as they can easily fit through doorframes and can be stacked in a removal lorry as well.
  • In an average medium sized box, you can fit around twenty books which are of an average size as well. Our medium sized house moving boxes online measure 18 x 12 x 12 inches. You can fit more books into a larger box, but they might become quite heavy. The weight isn’t always a problem if you have plenty of strong hands available, but in most cases the medium size is the best.
  • The number of boxes that you will need will therefore depend on the number of books that you need to move. Twenty average size books will fit into a medium sized box, and so if you have larger books then less will fit into a medium sized box, and if you have a larger box then you’ll fit more than twenty normal sized books inside. You can use that as a rough estimate and guide while preparing to pack and after all you can always buy more boxes if you run out.

The 4 week countdown checklist for house moving

So you have managed to sell your home, and gone through the tiresome process of finding your ideal new home as well. You may be tired and exhausted from all of the work that has already gone into this, along with your daily life and chores. But now comes the really tricky part, the actual house move. There are tonnes of things that you need to think about and consider, and so we have put together a 4 week countdown checklist for you based on experience.

4 weeks contdown for house moving

Week 1

The first week should be spent deciding whether you are going to use a professional removal company or not, to help you carry house moving boxes. This will depend on the size of the move, and the amount of time you have free. It will also depend on whether you have friends or family that are available to help you with the move. During this week, you will also need to decide on a precise date that you are going to move. This will depend on when the current occupiers of your new home are able to move out, and when the buyers of your home want to move in. It will take a lot of negotiation and discussion.

Week 2

This week should be spent organising. If you have decided to use a professional removal company, then you need to shop around to find the best price but also the best service for that price. Go around and get some quotes, but also ask around for reviews from friends and neighbours too. Do not do this quickly, take your time and do it properly, because it makes all the difference. If you have decided to carry Cardboard boxes for packing and house removal yourself, then you will need to decide where you are going to get a removal van from, either hiring it or borrowing from a friend.

Week 3

You need to decide now where to get all of the heavy-duty boxes for moving that you are going to need for the big day. You should always pack in advance, because it not only saves you time and money, but it ensures everything is organised. If you pay people to pack for you, they will often lose things.

Week 4

Pack up all of your things into online packing boxes for moving, ready for the big moving day. Write on the outside of each box what is in it, and make sure it’s all ready to go for the big day. Once all of this is done, it will make the moving day much easier and less stressful. You can now relax and enjoy the new property that you have earned.

How can a green move with environmentally friendly cardboard boxes be cheaper?

Looking after the environment is extremely important to us, and should be at the forefront of everyone’s way of thinking in the UK with everything we do. We need to look after the planet. Here at Packing Solution we are based in Glastonbury, which is known around the globe for being a green capital of the country. But how can you move home in an environmentally friendly manner, and can this really be a cheaper option for a house move?

Environment friendly House Moving Boxes

  • Environmentally friendly cardboard boxes are much, much cheaper than plastic alternatives. Yes, this will save you a lot of money with a house move. Boxes on average should cost around £50 for an average house move, where as plastic containers will cost nearer £500 for the same number of boxes!
  • Better still, if you use second hand cardboard boxes, which can sometimes be picked up from local shops on the high street or supermarkets, this will be completely free for you to use! You can’t always get these, and sometimes they will be a little broken or damaged or dirty, but for some of your older possessions this can do the job just fine, such as tools from the garden shed etc.
  • Picking an environmentally friendly fuel efficient van or lorry to do the job for you will not only look after the environment, but yes, it will save you fuel as well. Our tips for this are to pick the smallest van you can get away with, that will be able to hold all of your possessions for the house move too. You don’t want to do trips back and forth though, because this will have the opposite effect, so make sure the van is big enough, but not too big. Planning is the key here.

Cardboard boxes for packaging are always recyclable, so once you have finished with them, make sure you either re use them for storage, give them away to someone else moving home, or recycle them at a recycling plant. Another alternative is that you can re use them to make things out of them, which can be both fun and entertaining.
Of course, picking the optimum number of cardboard boxes is the key to success. If you have too many, then it will cost you more and use more energy producing them too, but having too little and you won’t be able to move home properly. So the solution to this is to buy small groups of boxes at a time, and top them up as you go along and as you run out of them, rather than purchasing incredibly large amounts at a time.

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Why should you use high quality House Removal Boxes instead of packaging cartons

It is hard to know which boxes you will need for your house move. Most people think that a box is simply a box.

High quality house removal boxes

Packing Solution has many years of experience with house moving and packaging. We know exactly what it is that makes a good box for this purpose, and our range represents the very best and most popular types for moving home in the UK. So what makes high quality house removal boxes better than ordinary packaging cartons?

Quality house removal boxes


  1. Packing boxes for moving are stronger and more durable, they can withstand the weight of your heaviest of household items in them without breaking, and this is very important when you move home because it will prevent your things from breaking and damage occurring.
  2. They will grip the bottom of the removal van to ensure that they do not slide around in the back of the van, and this is important to prevent breakages when you move.
  3. Cardboard removal boxes for house moving are much cheaper than usual packaging. We know that you will be on a tight budget with moving as it is.
  4. We offer our house removal packing boxes as individual items rather than in large packs at a time, and this way you can mix and match to choose precisely what it is that you require for your house move, without being forced to buy large packs at a time that you will not need or use.

Cardboard packing boxes for moving house sold here at already offered in all of the right shapes that are the most popular for house moving purposes based on previous customer experience, and so you can’t go wrong here with Packing Solution online. We hope that you can find everything that you need and we wish you all the best with your house move and hope it all goes smoothly and successfully.

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Tips for finding the best House Moving Boxes

Relocating to another place is going to take time and efforts. You have to plan everything right so that the entire process takes off smoothly. The first thing you need to do is buy the right packing boxes. The kind of moving boxes you select can make a big difference to how you manage your relocation.

cardboard packing boxes for house moving

How To Buy Boxes For House Moving?

Boxes for house moving are available in a variety of sizes so pick ones that you feel is right for your needs. Boxes that are strong yet lightweight will make the packing process simple and easy. Big boxes enable you to stack a lot of items and help you complete the packing quickly. You might require boxes of varying sizes just to pack different types of items. Here is look at some tips on how to find the right house moving boxes for moving:

*Look into double walled boxes to pack items that are delicate
*Check if the cartons are sturdy so that no matter how much you push and pull, they do not break away

*Look for carton packs which include cartons of varying sizes that take care of all your packing needs
*Go for bubble wrap when packing fragile items
*Carton with handles and a strong lid are a must as they can be easily lifted and managed
*Look for large-sized cartons when you have lots of items to relocate as you can pack more into a single box

Boxes for house moving

Buy only from reputable packing solution providers because you will get items specifically made for relocation and storing needs. Do not go to a retail stores or supermarket and get their disposed cartons because these are not big or strong enough for relocation. Though you can find packing boxes made from various materials it is best to opt for strong cardboard boxes, because they are easy-to-use. You can also find boxes specifically made for packing items such as electronics, kitchen utensils and much more. It is also best to go for lightweight boxes because the weight of the box should not make it difficult to lift and move it.

Best House Moving Boxes

When packing fragile items you should make use of bubble wrap, because it gives the right amount of cushioning to them during transit. You can be sure that the item will be in pristine condition when it reaches the destination. Bubble wrap is available in all sizes, so you can easily find ones that are suitable for your packing needs. Packing boxes are available at very affordable prices. You can find such boxes in reputable packing solution stores. They will offer the lowest rates for high quality cardboard packing boxes for house moving, enabling you to get the best packing material for your needs.

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Make use of House Moving Boxes for protecting fragile items while moving

Moving is a very tiresome task. When one moves, they have to pack all their goods and transport or relocate them to the new place. Commercial moving or domestic moving, both create massive hurdles and tension. While moving you should give utmost importance to the packing part and for this you need to get the right type of box which keeps all your goods in safe condition.

Packaging Boxes for moving

There are versatile types of moving boxes available in the market which you can use as storage boxes while moving, but before buying boxes you should make certain things clear. Do not spend heavily on moving boxes as after the moving you might not need these boxes and as a result, you have to waste your money that you have invested in the storage boxes. Go for economical boxes like cardboard boxes which are cheap and most importantly environmental friendly.

With the help of right House moving boxes you can have a hassle free relocation. Moving boxes are available in different shapes and also sizes. You can have separate boxes for storing different goods like electronics, ceramic, utensils, stationery, clothing and many more. Buy only those storage boxes that have a double lining or made with multiple layers so that your goods are completely safe. While moving your goods are bound to get jerk or sudden shocks, so under such situation boxes that are made with double lining or multiple lining soaks the sudden shocks and prevents the goods from damages or broken. With the right moving box you can get assurance that your costly goods won’t get damaged.

cardboard packaging boxes

Apart from domestic shifting, you can also use moving boxes for commercial shifting. If you are shifting to a new office, then you can make full use of storage boxes for moving. You can store all your office stuffs in the boxes and move safely without the worry of getting those items lost or broken during the process of relocation.

There are many companies that manufacture house moving boxes in the UK and most of the companies sell their products online. If you are someone who is not in the mood of shop hopping for buying the right boxes then it is preferable that you make online purchases. There are many online stores that sell top of the line boxes moving houses. You can visit their website and get your purchase done. Online shopping also gives you the facility to view the products and know about the product description in complete length and breadth. You will get wide arrays of moving boxes online such as plastic moving boxes, cardboard moving boxes and many more. Just select the right type of container for yourself and the product at your doorstep.

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