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Hello and welcome to our shop, Packing Solution. We are specialist suppliers to Hillingdon and its surrounding areas with cardboard boxes for moving and we can also deliver nationwide too if you should require, so no matter if you are moving close to home or further away, we have the service that is best for you. We have plenty of experience with house removal packing boxes and guarantee that you will find what you are looking for here at Packing Solution, our range is specifically designed for people who are moving home, so you can’t go wrong.

Boxes for house removal in Hillingdon

All of our cardboard packing boxes are brown in colour, so that they can easily be written on to state what is inside of them during the house move, so that way nothing gets lost, and it is also their natural colour too. Moving boxes online are difficult to find in Hillingdon, not many shops offer them and virtually nowhere has the size of range that we offer here at Packing solution. Double walled cardboard boxes are much stronger and more durable too, and they are the premium option that we are so well known for in our industry.



Large boxes for moving house in Hillingdon need to be big enough to hold lots of your things, like toys and books, but not so big that when full they are too heavy to carry, as this will make the house move even more difficult and challenging. Our storage boxes are designed to last for a very long time when storing away your electrical goods in the garage that you don’t currently need but may do in a year or so time. Removal boxes bought from us are all delivered on a next day delivery service, so you can guarantee that they will arrive swiftly and efficiently. Packing cardboard boxes are the premium choice for moving home these days, they are light in weight unlike plastic containers, and can be re used and flat packed too and stored away for another occasion. You can also use boxes for many other purposes such as insulation and making things out of, and they can be recycled too. We have contracts with a local recycling company here in Hillingdon too, and all of our boxes are made in England, so you can guarantee excellent quality of both product, service and price.

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