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Thank you for visiting Packing Solution, we are the leading supplier to Kensington and its surrounding areas with cardboard boxes for moving house and we offer next day delivery on all orders. We have no minimums either, so even if you only require a few boxes at a time, we have the best service for you. Storage boxes for house moving are sold here in our huge range, and it was designed specifically for house movers in Kensington, so rest assured knowing that you are in the right place here.

Removal boxes in Kensington with Packing Solution

Heavy duty boxes that are bought here are all made in the UK, and we offer manufacturer’s prices directly to the public too, so you know you are getting excellent value for money. Heavy duty boxes for moving need to be both strong and durable, so they can hold heavy weight within them, but so they can last a very long time as well, so this way you can re use them again and again for different things.


Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be used to ship even the heaviest of your items that are so big and require large boxes that are super strong and can hold the weight on them, such as a microwave oven which is big and strong. Storage boxes can be used to hoard your old things away in the cupboard or attic until you need them again, often people tend to store away old childhood toys that they feel they may need in the future, which they almost definitely won’t but they don’t like to throw them away anyway. Delivery boxes are hard to find in Kensington because not many shops have them for sale, and this is why here at Packing Solution we were formed to cater for this demand in the local area. Cardboard packing boxes are hard to choose between because there are so many different options available, and this is why we offer free expert advice on the subject and can point you in the right direction. Double wall cardboard boxes are twice the wall strength of single walls, and they are ideal for house movers and we have lots of different types of these in our range, so take a look below here on this page or look at our full product list.

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