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Cardboard boxes for moving house are sold here with Packing Solution, and we offer a fantastic range that is available to every home in Kingswinford with a next day delivery service, so you can rely on speedy delivery to arrive for when you need it. Storage boxes for house moving are sold here along with many other types of box, which we designed for house moving locally in Kingswinford so we are sure that you will be able to find everything you could need here at Packing Solution.

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Heavy duty boxes that are sold here come as individual units, so that you can mix and match to choose exactly how many of each sized box that you require, without being forced to buy large packs at a time, which is unreasonable and impractical. Heavy duty boxes for moving are also available in multi packs too, which are made up of a variety of different sizes and packing accessories as well, and they will give you an idea of what you might need based on a certain sized house move.


Strong cardboard boxes for shipping are sold here along with cable ties, which you can use to secure your things inside of the boxes into place, and they can be used for many other purposes too, such as securing things on your bike. Storage boxes are really useful in keeping your things away in the attic, that you don’t want to throw out, but you don’t want them taking up any more room in your house because they are starting to get in the way. Delivery boxes can be sent on any delivery date that you choose, just write this in the notes section of the checkout stage online, however otherwise they are just send via next day delivery as standard, so this is up to you. Cardboard packing boxes are better than plastic containers for moving, because they are lighter in weight, more durable and strong, cheaper and most importantly you can recycle them as well. Double wall cardboard boxes that are bought here are all recyclable, and we would always encourage our customers to do this. Here at Packing Solution we work closely with a local recycling company and we pride ourselves on our commitments to the environment. We wish you all the best with your house move here.

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