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Buy Heavy Duty Cardboard Packing Boxes For Moving in Mayfair

Thank you for visiting us here at Packing Solution, we are the top supplier of storage boxes here in Mayfair as well as the surrounding areas too, and we can deliver on a next day delivery service to everybody. We are a family run business, with plenty of experience within the industry, and our range of moving boxes represents the most popular and best types of box for the purpose of moving home locally in Mayfair, so you can rest assured knowing you are in the right place here with Packing Solution.

Cardboard packing boxes for moving house in Mayfair with Packing Solution

Buy cardboard boxes here and they are all manufactured in the UK, and on top of that we have contracts with a local recycling company too, so you know we take the effort to look after the environment. Delivery boxes are hard to find in Mayfair, not many shops have them for sale, and when they do, they often only have a small range that isn’t designed specifically for house movers like ours is. Archive boxes come with lids in A4 and A3 sizes, and they are brilliant for storing on your shelf your old documents, perhaps from university or that you are


currently working on, and it will keep things looking professional in your home. Heavy duty boxes are good for the heaviest of your items that you are wishing to move, such as a microwave that is very heavy and large, and our boxes are ideal for that purpose. Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used to move your socks to the new home because they will help to keep them all together without losing anything and so it will be organised, and because they are all brand new they will keep things clean too. Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be found below here in this page, take a look at products PS01 and PS02 as these are the most popular for house moving locally, and if these aren’t ideal then look at the rest of our product range and you are sure to find a size that will suit you best. Double walled boxes can be hard to choose, so please contact a member of our friendly team who would be more than happy to help you with anything that you may need to know, and we will provide advice.

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