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Cardboard boxes available online in Poplar here at Packing Solution

Cardboard boxes for moving house are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes of box, so that you can find exactly what you require in terms of packaging. We also sell storage boxes for moving house so that you can store all of your precious items safely and securely.

Are you looking for cheap cardboard boxes in Poplar?

There is no need to look anywhere else. We offer some of the cheapest packaging on the market, and offer manufacturers prices directly to you. We are competitive with many of the market leading packaging companies in the UK. The removal boxes that we offer are strong sturdy boxes, especially the double walled cartons, which are great for packing away precious items. When purchasing our online cartons you can guarantee the fastest service. We send all of our orders via a free next day delivery courier service, directly to your doorstep. Storage boxes are also available for collection from our head office in Somerset, where you can meet and get advice from our friendly team of experts.


Cardboard packing boxes can be difficult to choose between, which is why our advice is important when it comes to buying. There are many different accessories that we also offer, that you may also need for the move. Our clear tape for packaging is extra strong industrial strength tape, which is vital when putting together larger cartons. We sell this all in one place so it makes your life easier, no need to go to several places to get these simple items. We offer black cable ties to keep things together and neat and tidy. Single walled cardboard boxes are value cheaper boxes, which are offered here and everywhere else. They are great for lighter items, but not so good for heavier items which require a more sturdy box. We always recommend double walled cardboard boxes which is what we specialise in here, which are much stronger for heavier items that you are moving, which will keep them secure and undamaged. We sell many different sizes of bubble wrap to cater for the size of your move, whether it be small, medium, large or extra large. We also have larger bubbles in the extra large bubble wrap, which are ideal for oil paintings.

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