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Premier Supplier of House Removal Packing Boxes in Strensall

You can buy cardboard boxes near me here in Strensall, York, from Packing Solution. We specialise in supplying the local area, and can deliver nationwide too if you should require, so it doesn’t matter if you are moving locally in Strensall or much further away, we have the best service for you. House moving boxes are sold here in many different types, and shapes and sizes, which are all designed for the purpose of moving home in Strensall, so rest assured knowing you are in the right place.

Heavy duty boxes for moving in Strensall, from Packing Solution

Cardboard storage boxes are brilliant for storing away your old CD’s that you may need on another rainy day but don’t currently, and we have the exact size for this product too with our CD and DVD boxes. Boxes for house moving can be great for moving your old dressing up clothing to the new home, which again you may need at some point if you have a party to attend but you don’t need on a daily basis.


Buy packing boxes here and they will all be sent flat packed and ready for you to put together easily when it suits you best, which just requires a little tape which we offer here too. Removal boxes are all wrapped in polythene before sending out, which ensures that they remain dry during the delivery process, and nothing gets damaged, and you can use this again for free when it suits you. Packing boxes for moving can be used to move your shoes to the new home, because they will be strong enough to hold the weight and will protect the shoes from damage too inside of the boxes. Storage boxes are difficult to find in York, and this is why Packing Solution was formed to cater for the demand in the area. Not many shops have them for sale, and nowhere has the size of range that we offer here. Double wall boxes are all one hundred percent recyclable, and so this will ensure that the environment is looked after during a house move. We sell lots of packaging accessories too, such as bubble wrap and tape, and so you can get everything that you need here in one place from Packing Solution. We hope that your house move goes well and you enjoy the new home.

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