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Welcome to Packing Solution. We are the best retailer of cardboard boxes here in West End, and we can deliver to any home in the area as well as surrounding areas as well. We offer next day delivery on all orders, and the delivery service will text you on the morning of delivery to give an exact delivery hour to ensure you are in. Cardboard boxes with lids are sold here along with many other packing products and ordinary fold up boxes too, so we have something for every house mover in West End.

Buy packing boxes in West End here with Packing Solution

Storage boxes are a great way to hoard your things away to make your house look a lot tidier, as when you have all of your things lying around the home things can get very messy and it can be dangerous as well. Heavy duty boxes for moving can be a struggle to find in West End, because not many shops sell them, and they are often overpriced and poor quality. All of our boxes are made in the UK and they are excellent, with very competitive prices as well.


Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be easily put together by just folding in the ends, and you can then secure it with a bit of tape, and even wrap cling film around it to make it entirely waterproof just in case of rain during the removal process. Boxes for house moving need to be big and strong, but you need to be able to carry them to and from the old house to the new house and in and out of the removal van as well, because this will make your job a lot easier on the day. Where to buy packing boxes is easy, just look below here on this page at our best selling range specifically for house moving in West End, or look at our full product list at the top menu too. Cardboard boxes and cartons can be re used again and again because they are so durable, so just use them to make fun things for your children to play with out of them and paint them, and then you can recycle them too. Removal boxes for example could be used to make a pretend play house for your children to play in.

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