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Where Can I Get Cardboard Boxes For Moving in West Hampstead

Welcome to Packing Solution, we offer storage boxes here to every home in West Hampstead, and we offer next day delivery on every single order. The courier will text you on the morning of delivery to ensure that you are in on that hour. If you require delivery on a different date, just write this in the notes section at checkout. We have a great big range of moving boxes that are ideal for every home in West Hampstead, and it was put together by leading industry experts here at Packing Solution with the exact purpose of moving home locally.

Cardboard packing boxes for moving house in West Hampstead

Buy cardboard boxes here and the quality is phenomenal, they are all made here in the UK from premium materials, and we have recycling contracts with a local company too, so you can rely on us to look after the environment and you. Delivery boxes are available here along with many packing accessories too, such as strong box tape, which is industrial strength tape and is ideal for putting together the largest of boxes securely ensuring that they do not break.


Archive boxes are white and come in both A4 and A3 sizes, and they have lids too, and they are perfect for storing on the shelf your documents for work in the home, so it makes your desk look that little bit neater. Heavy duty boxes can be used to move your electrical items to the new home, and we would recommend wrapping this box in cling film which we sell, because this will make it waterproof so that nothing gets damaged during house moving. Heavy duty boxes for moving can be used to move lighter smaller items as well such as CD’s and DVD’s, because we offer this exact size of smaller box which can hold ten at a time of each and is ideal for this very purpose. Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be used to move your clothing and other precious items that need keeping clean during moving, because all of our boxes are sold brand new, and so they are in great condition and will not smell or be dirty in any way. Double walled boxes can be square or rectangular, and so the best thing to do is to measure your items that you are going to put in them.

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