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Here at Packing Solution we offer packing cardboard boxes to every home in Willington, and we offer next day delivery on all orders. We have no minimums, so no matter how big or small your house move is, we have the best service for your requirement. Cardboard boxes for packing are on offer here in lots of different types and prices too, and we have something for everyone. We pride ourselves on looking after the environment, and we have contracts with a local recycling company too.

Heavy duty boxes for moving in Willington with Packing Solution

Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be hard to find in the local area, because not many shops have them for sale and they never offer you a big range for the purpose of house moving, like we do here at Packing Solution. Large boxes for moving house need to be big enough to hold plenty of your things inside of them, because this will ensure that it is as economical as possible in the removal van delivery process, and will save you much money on delivery.


House removal packing boxes can’t be too large however, because then they will become difficult to carry and may not fit in the removal van or through the new front door, which would be an absolute disaster. Boxes for house removal are all brown in colour, which is their natural colour and so makes them cheaper, but also this is so that you can easily write on them with a permanent marker to say what is inside of each one. Cardboard boxes for removals are better than plastic containers, because they are much cheaper, more lightweight, can be flat packed, are just as durable, and yet they can be recycled as well so they are perfect. Cardboard boxes for moving are all wrapped in a polythene sheet before sending out, so that they remain dry during delivery in the UK and they will arrive un damaged, because it is likely that it will rain during delivery. Cardboard packing boxes are often the left out part of organising a house move, and this is why we offer free expert advice and aim to make everything as easy as possible for you when choosing the right packing materials for your specific needs here with Packing Solution. We hope your house move goes well and is very smooth.

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