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Cardboard Boxes for Moving House in UK

Here at Packing Solution we are experts when it comes to cardboard boxes for moving. We have a massive range for you to choose from, and we offer many different types of Cardboard boxes for house moving & that were all designed specifically for the purpose of house moving in the UK. Our range of Cardboard packing boxes represent the very best types of box for moving; we have many years of experience running a removals business, so we know exactly which boxes are best, plus we supply to over a thousand removal companies around the UK each year.

Why choose us for cardboard packing boxes?

We are a family business, with many years of experience in providing the best quality packaging materials throughout the UK. As a family business, we care about the quality of the packing cardboard boxes that we supply to our customers, as well as the price. We offer some of the most competitive prices for boxes, and we sell individual boxes as well as discounted packs of five, ten or one hundred boxes; and the more you buy the cheaper the price per box becomes. As we have no minimum orders, you can mix and match to pick a variety of different sizes of box to suit your requirements.

We are the well-known supplier of Cardboard boxes for packing & Cardboard boxes for removals in the UK. We have a wide range of small, medium and large cardboard packing boxes. We use our knowledge and expertise to provide our customer with an excellent range of durable cardboard boxes and other packing products.

Highest quality cardboard boxes for moving house

The boxes and packaging that we offer is of the highest quality. Our boxes are sturdy and strong, and are designed to hold lots of heavy items inside of them without breaking apart or tearing. They will also protect the things you put into them too. This is what makes them perfect for house moving, storage and shipping too. Our wardrobe boxes are available for sale with hanging rails, and they are extra heavy duty wardrobe boxes that can hold plenty of clothes. Our cardboard packing boxes for moving house are available with lids and handle holes, as well as without those too, so it just depends on your preference. We also sell other types of packaging to assist with your house move too; including bubble wrap for protection, strong packing tape for holding boxes together, and packing paper for further protection too, along with many other packaging types. We hope that you can find everything you need; you can order directly here online.

Best Place to Buy Cardboard Packing Boxes Online

We offer a huge range of Cardboard boxes, including strong double walled boxes in many different sizes, cheaper single walled boxes in many different sizes, archive boxes which are ideal for storage, wardrobe boxes which are great for moving clothes, and CD boxes for moving CD’s and smaller items, to name but a few. We believe that we have something for everyone.

Made in Great Britain

All of our cardboard boxes for removals are produced in the UK, and are made from recycled paper. They are also one hundred percent recyclable, which makes them as eco friendly as possible. Once you are finished with the boxes, we encourage you to re use them wherever possible, or to return them to us so that we can re use them or recycle them for you.

Tracked next day delivery on all orders

We can supply the whole of the United Kingdom with next day delivery. This ensures that you always get the cardboard boxes for packing on time, every time. It means that if you are in a rush, and have only just thought about getting the packaging materials you need for moving at the last minute, then we can supply you with them. It is hard to find boxes on the high street, which is why our delivery service is so useful and popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of boxes needed to move a four bedroom house will depend on how many items you plan on packing and the size of the boxes you use, but we typically recommend:

  • 4 extra-large double walled boxes
  • 16 medium double walled boxes
  • 5 medium single walled boxes
  • 5 CD and DVD boxes

Strong box tape and bubble wrap is also essential when it comes to moving house. Our 4 bedroom house moving pack is ideal for 4 bedroom house moves. Shop now.

Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes so we recommend you use a selection of small, medium and large boxes. We always suggest you choose new boxes that are made with cardboard, as these will be strong and durable. Double walled boxes are great for keeping your items intact as these provide extra strength for heavy items and will provide protection from damage during the house move, while single walled boxes are ideal for moving lighter-weight goods.

Moving boxes come in a selection of sizes, but standard box sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large. Small boxes usually measure around 6” x 6” x 6” and are great for packing things like CDs, DVDs and smaller decorative household items. Medium boxes measure approximately 20” x 12” x 12” and are ideal for packing things like pots and pans, towels and small appliances. Large moving boxes usually measure 24” x 18” x 9” and are excellent for moving things such as bedding and larger decorative items. Extra-large boxes usually measure around 24” x 18” x 18” and are perfect for transporting household items like lamps or pillows. We recommend you use a variety of sized boxes when moving home.

When it comes to moving clothes to your new home, we recommend using wardrobe boxes as they are specifically designed to transport hanging clothes. Wardrobe boxes include a robust hanging rail which helps to prevent creasing and damage to your clothes. Our wardrobe boxes are made from strong double walled corrugated cardboard, for protection against damage and the pre-cut handles make them easy to carry. Shop wardrobe boxes now.

Double walled boxes are the strongest. They are ideal for protection and they can hold heavy weights inside of them without breaking. You can hold up to 30kg inside of them. Single walled boxes are ideal for lighter objects, such as clothing.

We offer next day delivery for £4.95. All orders are sent via UPS courier and we will email you the tracking details so that you know when your order will arrive. If you require delivery on a different date, just write the information in the notes section when placing your order.

If you have specific delivery instructions, for example a safe place to leave the parcel, just write that in the notes section too.

Yes, all of our products shown on this website are in stock, and ready to send to you immediately when you place your order.