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How long does it take to pack a 4 bed house UK?

Moving house is extremely stressful and difficult, with so many different aspects to worry about and organise. Long chains make house buying and selling very challenging, because there are so many things that could go wrong. The timings can be a nightmare, and it can take many months for a house purchase to go through to completion which can become very frustrating. Solicitors often drag their feet and nitpick, while banks can take forever to make decisions also, having to discuss everything with their valuer. Surveys often don’t go your way either and this often leads to chains falling through.

So if you have finally been given a completion date, the next stage that you have to organise is the actual house move using the strongest cardboard boxes, and ensuring that you are moved out of your current home on the correct date, and moving into your new home straight afterwards. Getting the timings right is vital, because you are not legally allowed to stay in your current property for longer than the completion date, and at the same time you need to move straight into your new home because otherwise you will face additional costs.

moving and packing services

How to correctly plan the packing process

Firstly, you have to confirm the completion date with all parties involved. The completion date can change depending on different people’s preferences, so wait until you know exactly when that is going to be. It could be any day of the week, but usually falls on a weekday because this is when the solicitors are open and working.

You might need to take that day off work, so make sure your employer knows this is likely to happen soon. A house move cannot take place without you there to help organise things on the day, so it is vital that you are able to get the day off work. If you can’t, then you’ll need to change the completion date.

Next you will need to plan whether you are going to use a removal company to help you move strong boxes for moving, or if you are going to do the job yourself with help from friends or family. It really depends on the size of your move. If you are only moving a small two bedroom property, then you can often do this yourself fairly easily by hiring a   van and gathering a few friends. If you are moving a large four bedroom house however, this can be quite challenging, so it is best to use a professional removal company for this.

Next you will need to purchase the correct packing materials to assist with your move, which will include cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and strong tape. You can buy these online for home delivery. You need to buy these in advance of your move, so that you have plenty of time to pack up your things.

Finally, you will need to plan how long it will take to pack up your household possessions into packing boxes, so that you are fully ready for the completion date.

So how long does it take to pack a four bed house in the UK?

  • It will depend if you are spending full days packing, or if you are working and then packing in the evenings and weekends. Many people choose to take a week off work prior to the removal date, so they have plenty of time to pack, however this is not always possible.
  • On average, it takes four days to pack up everything into extra strong cardboard boxes before the removal day. This includes everything from the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms, as well as every other room in the house plus garage / sheds. This is four full days of packing, for a four bedroom house.
  • If you are only packing in the evenings and weekends, you ideally would want to start packing a week and a half before the removal day. It can be difficult doing things this way, because you will need to live out of boxes for a long period of time, and you are likely to live out of boxes for a while in the new home too while you unpack. This can certainly be a challenge.
  • As we mentioned before, it is important that you have packed everything before the removal day, because you don’t want to spend time packing things into boxes at the last minute while you move. This will slow down the move, and might mean that you are not ready to leave your home before the new owners turn up to move in. This is a tricky situation to be in, because you will be in the home that they legally own.
  • On the actual removal day you simply need to be putting boxes into the removal van, driving, and then taking them out at the other end. This will take many hours to do, but will ensure that the timings go perfectly.
  • The removal day should take no more than 5 hours to complete, providing you have already packed your things up into strong boxes for shipping. If you haven’t, then it will take 12-14 hours.
  • With a 4 bed house you will certainly need help from a removal company or lots of friends while you move, but you should be able to do the packing part yourself. It is a good idea to make sure you write on the outside of each box you pack up, so that you know what you have put into the boxes which will make unpacking much easier. There is nothing worse than arriving in a new home not knowing where anything is because everything is packed into boxes which are not labelled correctly. You will be tired and frustrated, so it is good to make your life as easy as possible in your new home.

7 Amazing and Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Packing boxes have many different uses, and there are many reasons why you may have some cardboard boxes left over. They are commonly used for house moving, storage or shipping, and they are used by both businesses as well as the public too. Cardboard is made from recycled paper, and it is fully recyclable, so it is the most environmentally friendly option for choosing boxes when compared with plastic alternatives, and they are hard wearing and durable so they are perfect for re using for different purposes. Here are some ‘out of the box’ ideas of how to reuse cardboard boxes!

cardboard boxes reuse ideas

  • You could create a children’s play house out of large cardboard boxes. This involves cutting out window holes and door spaces, painting the outside of the house, creating a small door, making a roof and if you are very adventurous, you could even create the inside of the house with all the furniture too. You can make anything out of cardboard, so you can make tiny beds for the different rooms of the house, and you can make rooms by creating dividers from the cardboard too. You could build a staircase as well as a sofa and television, and you can create small people to live in the house as well. The children will certainly love it, and it will use up some of the leftover cardboard.
  • You can reuse cardboard for insulation in your home. Cardboard makes a brilliant insulator because it is thick and has many layers. It is flat, so you can easily put it between your plasterboard in your home to ensure that the house is a bit warmer. You can shred up cardboard so that it can fit into almost any space for insulation, so if there are any particularly cold rooms of your house and you don’t want to spend much money on insulation, then cardboard boxes could be the answer you are looking for.
  • If you have a pet dog, then they will love to play with the old cardboard boxes. Dogs typically love to shred up cardboard, and will spend hours simply doing that. Cardboard is harmless to dogs, and it makes for a great toy when you have nothing left to do with the boxes. Many people actually buy cardboard storage boxes purely for this purpose, so if you don’t have a dog, why not pass the old boxes onto somebody who does! Their dogs will certainly thank you.
  • Cardboard actually makes a great table mat, and it can protect your table from hot mugs and plates. You can use it for a temporary table cloth, or just a temporary place mat. If you are having a small party and don’t want to ruin your table, you could put some cardboard in between your table cloth and the table for extra protection, or if you have young children then cardboard can also help for extra protection. The heat from a hot mug or plate will not pass through the cardboard onto the table.
  • Cardboard is actually made from recycled paper, and it is therefore great for making notes and drawing on. You can simply use the old cardboard as note paper, which can be used in your office at home or at work. You can simply use it for notes in your kitchen, such as a shopping list, or you can use it for your children to draw on when they are bored. You can paint on cardboard the same as you would with paper, and in fact it can make a great painting if you are creative enough. Think of it like a blank canvas.
  • Depending on the size of the boxes you have leftover; you could use them for shoe storage boxes. Every home has too many shoes lying around near the front door (don’t pretend this doesn’t apply to you). Old house moving boxes can help to enable you to store away some of the shoes that you don’t wear regularly, and make your home look much neater and tidier. You can store the old shoes away in the attic or garage knowing they are safe in the old boxes.
  • You can create fantastic decorations for a birthday or Christmas with old cardboard. You can cut out any shape that you want, and you can paint and draw on them too. An example would be a 30th birthday, you can cut out the person’s name using letters cut from cardboard, or you can cut the numbers 30 and stick them around the room. Cardboard is lightweight so you can easily hang the decorations, and they will look great. Most decorations that you would buy from a shop would be made from either paper or cardboard, so they will certainly look professional.

If all else fails…

  • As we all know that cardboard boxes for moving are great for moving home, storage or shipping, you should always keep the boxes safe until you find another use for them; never throw them away. Boxes can easily be flat packed, so that they won’t take up much room in your home until you need to use them again.
  • If you don’t have another use for them, then why not ask a friend or family member if they have a use for them instead.
  • If there are absolutely no other options, then you should make sure that you recycle the boxes as they are fully recyclable. Take them down to a local recycling centre if you have a lot of them, or if you only have one or two then you can just leave them with your normal cardboard recycling box to be collected each week.
  • Businesses always have uses for boxes of all kinds, so why not ask a local business if they want to reuse your boxes. Small businesses will be very thankful for the opportunity, especially if they are sending products in the post.

Amazing Facts of Cardboard Boxes For Packing UK

Corrugated cardboard boxes for moving are versatile types of packaging that can help you with many different tasks. They enable you to move home with cardboard boxes for moving house, ship things in the post and store things cheaply and effectively.

Here are some facts that you may not have known about cardboard boxes for packing!

  • Here in the United Kingdom, over 84% of corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled each year. This means that the boxes you buy and use are most likely recycled, and are most likely to be recycled again and reused. It is the reason that they are the best type of packaging for the environment, and it is the reason they are the most popular choice for moving home as opposed to plastic alternatives.
  • Cardboard boxes have the highest rate of recycled packaging in the world. It means they are the most recycled type of packaging and is another reason why they are the most popular type of packaging.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes are made of a flute, which is placed between two liners. Both the flute and the liners are made from recycled paper, so the entire box is usually made up of recycled materials. Everything about cardboard boxes for removals is good for the environment.
  • For every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved. It is therefore very important to ensure you recycle your boxes and paper, to save the planet.

best place to buy cardboard boxes

Nobody can argue that cardboard boxes are the best type of packaging around; they are useful for many different purposes and they are the least harmful type of packaging for the environment too. The best place to buy cardboard boxes is online. They are often hard to find second hand, so brand new boxes are always recommended. You can buy single or double walled boxes depending on your requirements, and they are low cost too. Twenty boxes can be purchased for such a low cost, and they can help you with an entire house move or several house moves.

The term ‘cardboard’ actually means a heavy-duty paper, so the name gives away the fact that it is made up of papers that are recycled. It was first created in 1817, in both England and Germany during the same year. It wasn’t until 1903 that packing cardboard boxes became more popular and replaced wooden boxes more commonly for shipping purposes. They are now the most popular type of packaging in the world.

Use right Packaging Boxes for moving to have smooth relocation of Goods

Are you planning to move in a new city, but highly worried about the relocation part? It is quite normal that we all get tensed when it comes to packing and moving to a new place. While moving to a new city, we have to take all our goods with us to the new place and this is a nerve racking task. During this process many of our costly and valuable possession get damaged and repairing is irreversible.

packaging accessories supplier in UKTherefore, it is prime most important that you pack all your stuffs with extreme precision so that while reaching to the new place , all your goods are in absolute good condition as before the packing. For this you need to pack your stuffs with the right packing materials. Only with the help of right packing material, you can save your stuffs from damaging and thus losing a great deal of money.

Varied kinds of packaging boxes for moving

Usages of right material are the first step in getting a hassle free relocation. There are varied types of house moving boxes are available in the market so that you can have a save relocation. You should buy a set of good moving boxes which are specially meant for the relocation process. Large moving boxes can accommodate all your stuffs. They are made very sturdy and can store and move goods without damaging even an iota of goods.

Packaging Boxes for movingMost of the moving boxes have double lining and thus the boxes absorb all kinds of sudden shock and external pressure and keep the goods intact without harming them. Always choose boxes that are made with cardboard which are strong and durable. Card boxes are very different as they are very light weight, but can carry heavy goods without any problem. Cardboard boxes are available in varied different sizes. They come in varied different sizes so you can have boxes which suits your purpose and needs. You can pack your goods in your desired boxes and then move to a safer place.

Where to buy top quality packaging accessories in UK?

house moving boxes ukThere are many companies that offer such reliable and quality packaging accessories in UK. Most of the these companies sell their products online so you don’t have to waste your time in search of the right packing materials. Just visit the website of such companies and you will get a host of packaging accessories. You can view the products and also know the product details in length and breadth and make your shopping with complete ease.

Cardboard Boxes Vs Plastic Boxes: Which Are Better For Moving House?

Moving house can be a troublesome time of the year for most people, with lots of things to organise on top of your day to day hectic life. When it comes to choosing the right packaging for moving, here at Packing Solution we are experts, and our aim is to provide you with free expert advice to make this process as easy as possible for you. So today we are discussing cardboard boxes versus plastic boxes, and which are going to be more useful when moving house. There are several factors which need to be considered.


Cardboard Boxes Vs Plastic Boxes

Which boxes are stronger?

  • Many people believe that plastic is stronger and more durable than cardboard. This is not the case and in fact strong double walled cardboard boxes are equally as strong, if not stronger than plastic.
  • Double walled cardboard storage boxes can hold exactly the same weight as plastic boxes.
  • The main difference comes when a box takes a knock, for example if a box is dropped during the move. Plastic will crack, and this can often be detrimental to your move because it could mean that your items fall out of the box. Cardboard on the other hand will be able to bend slightly without actually breaking, thus holding your possessions inside safely.
  • You can stack plenty of cardboard boxes on top of one another safely in the removal lorry, which is important to be able to fit as many boxes as possible at a time.

Which boxes are better value for money?

  • Cardboard boxes are much cheaper to buy. The cost will vary depending how many that you buy, because the cost per box decreases when you buy more, but on average a cardboard box will cost you between £1 to £3. Plastic boxes on the other hand will cost much closer to £10 per box.
  • Both types of box can be re used for storage, but only cardboard boxes can be re used for shipping as well, so cardboard is more versatile for the future and you are going to get more use out of it.
  • Cardboard boxes are more lightweight, so this makes them easier to carry and easier to stack in the removal lorry without putting too much weight on the boxes below.
  • As you can purchase lots of cardboard boxes at a discounted rate, it makes buying cardboard boxes much more cost effective for an entire house move than plastic boxes.

Other factors to consider?

  • Cardboard moving boxes can be written on with a marker pen. This is especially useful while moving house, because you can organise your boxes effectively to say what is inside of each box, and to say which room of the house that each box belongs. This will make unpacking in your new home much quicker and easier, and it enables the removal company to assist you with unpacking too. This is not the case with plastic boxes.
  • Cardboard boxes can be flat packed. This makes them easy to store until you need to use them, which enables you to buy them with plenty of time spare before your actual house move. Plastic boxes on the other hand will take up a lot of room in your house, so you wouldn’t want to purchase them until the last minute.
  • Cardboard boxes are easily purchased online from a packaging company, such as here at Packing Solution. You can have your boxes delivered directly to your door with next day delivery. Plastic boxes are difficult to find online, because when they are delivered they can get damaged much easier. This is because flat packed boxes in a bundle are very sturdy; where as plastic boxes get badly damaged.
  • Plastic boxes are waterproof, but cardboard is not. You can get around this problem by using protective packaging such as bubble wrap, cling film or polythene inside of the box or around it. Generally speaking water is not a problem while moving house, because your parcel goes from your home, to the removal lorry and into your new home. There isn’t any waiting around outside.

Which are better for the environment?

  • Cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper, and are fully recyclable. Plastic boxes are not, and will usually end up in the landfill.
  • Cardboard boxes are therefore much better for the environment than plastic and for this reason alone, you should always choose cardboard.
  • This is why here at Packing Solution we only offer cardboard boxes as opposed to plastic, and all of our boxes are 100% recyclable.
  • You can easily recycle your cardboard boxes by taking them to your local recycling centre, or if you only have a couple just putting them into your normal recycling bin at home. This is easy and effective.

Which are more practical?

  • When you move house, it is important to secure your boxes shut using some strong packing tape. This ensures that your household possessions stay in the boxes, and this in turn prevents breakage. It is a simple and obvious thing, but definitely something to consider none the less.
  • Strong packing tape will stick to cardboard far better than plastic, and will keep your possessions safer this way.
  • Cardboard is not see through, where as plastic boxes often are. This can mean that plastic boxes are good for seeing what items you have put into each box, but it can also mean the opposite. If you do not want the removal men looking into your boxes, because you might have precious or expensive items inside, then cardboard which is private and hidden would be the best option for moving house. Nobody wants other people going through their household possessions after all.
  • Removal companies will often request cardboard boxes over plastic, for environmental reasons. You don’t want to have to unpack all of your things and replace them in cardboard storage boxes, so it is best not to take the risk and start with cardboard to begin with.


How To Safely Store A Cardboard Box ?

Cardboard house shifting packing boxes are a brilliant type of packaging material that are commonly used for house moving, office moving, storage and shipping in the UK. They are used by both businesses and the public too, and they are low cost but highly effective. Boxes for house removal are also completely recyclable too, and so they are much better for the environment than other types of box that are available. Second hand boxes are hard to come by, but new boxes are easy enough to find online for delivery.

Cardboard boxes

Storage is one of the main types of uses for a box, and perhaps you have lots of items from a particular room of your house which you want to put into storage so that you can use that room for another purpose. Perhaps you have to store the entire contents of your whole house because you have sold your home and you temporarily need storage solutions until you find yourself somewhere else to live. So if you are in the situation of needing storage boxes, how exactly do you go about safely storing a cardboard box effectively?

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that you use a box or moving boxes near me that is strong enough for the job of storage. A normal single walled box is not good enough, you have to make sure that you use strong double walled cartons. The reason for this is mainly for protection purposes, so that the boxes are durable enough to stay useful throughout the entire duration of storage.
  • Secondly, you need to make sure that the actual box is secured shut well enough, and the items inside are fully wrapped up safely in bubble wrap or packing paper, from where to buy moving boxes. You need to secure the box shut using only the strongest adhesive tapes, not ordinary supermarket tape. Strong tape will last for much longer, and will keep your items safe for a long period of time. Most people tend to put things into storage for many years.
  • Next thing you need to consider is the location. This is vital to the success of the storage. The area that you choose needs to be dry. No water can get to this location, or else this could ruin the items inside. You can also put cling film around the box to help make it waterproof, and the bubble wrap inside will also help with that, but never the less the location needs to be a dry one. Maybe put a small test in place for a week first of all, to make sure there is no water getting there.
  • The location needs to be away from direct sunlight, because it could get too hot too. This can ruin the things inside of the small house moving boxes (depending on what it is) and in the worst possible scenario there could be a fire risk. Don’t take the risk, and just make sure that direct sunlight cannot get to the box, so keep it away from any windows.
  • The location needs to be secure, so that the box cannot fall down when it gets windy or if it is knocked. You can use packing string to hold it in place if you need to, or if the box is very heavy then it might stay in place better anyway. You do not want a heavy box falling down a long distance however because this can cause damage too, so this is another reason that you might need to hold it in place securely.

Moving Boxes: A Complete Checklist And Guide For Relocation

Moving house can be a long process, and can last for many months while you organise the solicitors’ documents as well as the mortgage, along with the long chain that your house is potentially in. It can seem never ending. However, when the completion date does finally come around, you may have less than a few days to prepare for the removal process. This is where the real stress begins.


Finding the correct packing boxes for the job is the first part of the equation, and the second is finding the right removal company to assist with the move. When it comes to finding the right removal company, the main things you need to consider are the price and the reliability of the company. When it comes to finding the best boxes and packaging to help you move, here is a complete checklist and guide to help you find what you need.

Where are you going to buy the boxes and packaging that you need?

  • When deciding where to buy the boxes, the first thing to consider is convenience, while the second thing to consider is the quality and price.
  • It is increasingly difficult to buy boxes on the high street, because virtually no shops sell them, and the ones that do, will only offer a tiny collection and the quality is often very poor.
  • We recommend buying boxes online, directly from a professional packaging supplier such as here at Packing Solution. Not only will you find exactly what you need to buy within two minutes of looking, but delivery is available tomorrow, so it is quick and efficient. The quality of packaging from a professional company will be very high, so you can rely on the boxes.

What types of box are you going to need?

What types of box are you going to need

  • The factors that you have to consider here are the size and strength of the boxes.
  • When it comes to deciding which size moving boxes you want, the main things to consider are that larger boxes can hold more items inside of them. This can make your house move much faster, and can make your job easier, however the downside is that larger boxes can weigh a lot more and can become difficult to carry when full. So this obviously depends on the person that is going to carry the boxes and how strong they are. It is usually a good idea to buy a variety of different sized boxes, so that you cover all bases, and so that you have boxes for all of the different sized items from your home.
  • When it comes to the strength of the boxes, it is always best to buy stronger double walled cardboard boxes. The reason for this is because they will protect the things you put into them, they will be able to hold heavier weights inside of them without breaking, and you can easily stack them on top of one another in the back of the removal lorry without them crumbling under pressure.

How many boxes are you going to need?

How many boxes are you going to need

  • This can be the tricky part. There are several different methods to help decide how many boxes you are going to need for your house move.
  • Here at Packing Solution we offer ‘moving packs’ which are designed to give you a good idea how many boxes you will need based on the number of bedrooms in your home. This is the simple option if you don’t have much time to decide.
  • Many people simply take a guess, and a good way to predict how many boxes you’ll need is to calculate based on 5 boxes per room of the house, on average. Some rooms will require more boxes than others, for example the kitchen, however some will require less, so 5 boxes per room is a good starting point.
  • You have to remember that you can always buy more boxes when you run out. So you could take a random starting point of twenty boxes, and buy more when those are used up. This can help you to test the quality and size of the boxes you have purchased as well.

Is it easy to put together a flat packed box?

Is it easy to put together a flat packed box

  • All boxes that are purchased will arrive flat packed. They are very easy to use, and they won’t take up much room while they are flat packed either so you can store them somewhere safe first of all.
  • When it comes to putting the cardboard boxes together, this is simple. There will be four flaps at either end of the box. You need to fold in the smaller flaps first (two of them) and then the larger flaps on top of those.
  • Next you need to secure the flaps in place using some strong packing tape. You can then flip the box over, fill it with whatever you need, and then repeat this process with the other flaps at the other end of the box.

What should you do with the boxes after you have moved house?

What should you do with the boxes after you have moved house

  • When you have finished moving house and unpacked all of your things into the correct rooms of your new home, you will have lots of boxes spare.
  • The first option is to simply re use the boxes for other purposes. They can be used for storage and shipping, so perhaps you might have another use for them. If this is not the case, then perhaps a friend or family member might have a use for them, or perhaps one of your neighbours are moving home soon and might need them.
  • If you have no other uses for them, the next step will be to take them to your local recycling centre. Cardboard is fully recyclable, so it is important to take them there rather than simply throw them out into landfill. This is what makes cardboard boxes so much better than plastic options for moving house.

How to decide what size of removal van or lorry you need for moving

When you are moving home, each size of move is going to be different because all different houses come in different sizes, and some people are hoarders and other people are minimalists and have fewer house moving boxes inside of their homes. There is no general way to decide what size of removal van or lorry you are going to need based on the size of your home, and it is more specific and detailed. So how do you decide the size of van or lorry that you require for your move?

Cardboard boxes for packing

  • You could go through the tedious task or counting each and every item in your home and doing approximate measurements of everything, which will then tell you how many cardboard boxes for moving you need, and therefore which size of lorry or van that you need for the job. This is the only accurate way to do it, but it can be very time consuming and long, which isn’t ideal.
  • You could ask for advice from a local removal company, or from a neighbour who may have moved home recently. They will be able to offer you great advice on what you are likely to need in terms of size of lorry or van, or heavy duty moving boxes, and this is useful.
  • You could ask the lorry and van rental company which sizes they recommend as being the best options for your move, and ask them ultimately which sizes they have available on the dates that you need them for.
  • You could take a complete stab in the dark, and pick a medium sized van or lorry, and hope that it will do the trick, or pick a lorry that is going to be far too large for the job, knowing that all of your packing boxes for moving house will fit inside. The most important thing is that the van or lorry is at least big enough for your largest of household possessions, because after all, you can always do more than one trip back and forth for the smaller things, but if the larger furniture does not fit in, then you have a big problem that needs solving.
  • You could pick a size that has the most economical fuel consumption, which will hopefully save you money in the long run.

What are the different types of cardboard box?

Cardboard boxes are an excellent versatile type of packaging product that can be used for many different purposes. They are vital for the job of moving home, as well as being great for storage, and fantastic for shipping items in the post or with a courier too. They are commonly used by both businesses as well as the public alike, and are often bought online directly from the manufacturer. So what are the different types of cardboard boxes, and what are their main uses?

Different types of cardboard boxes

  • The first and most popular type of box is a normal carton box. They have flaps at either end of the box, which are designed to be folded in over one another, and there are four of them. They are typically sent flat packed, and are very popular. They come in two different categories; single and double walled cardboard.
  • Double walled cardboard boxes are heavy duty and strong when you buy packing boxes online. They are designed to hold heavy items inside of them, and they can protect the things that you put into them as well. For this reason, they are often used for house moving, where you have lots of items which are heavy and lots that are delicate as well. They are also commonly used for storage, because they are durable and long lasting, and because of their protective properties. They are also often used for shipping too, because they will protect your items for a long distance. These are often considered the best boxes you can buy for most purposes.
  • Single walled cardboard boxes are lower value quality boxes for house moving and are cheaper to buy, and they are weaker. They are fine to use for light items, and they are not very protective, but often this does not matter for less delicate things. They are sometimes used for house moving, for shifting things such as clothing which simply needs a case to hold them in. They are not recommended for many other purposes, because they won’t be strong enough for the task, unless the contents are things that are not delicate at all. They are fine for storing things like clothing too, but not good for shipping because they will break under the pressure put onto them.
  • Archive packing boxes for moving come with lids and handle holes, and they are often strong boxes as well. They are perfect for storage purposes, because the lids allow you to easily access the things you have put into them, so in the future you can get to your things easily. They are used in most office environments, as well as for home storage too. The handle holes allow you to put them onto and off of a shelf too. Medium house moving boxes are easy to write on so that you can say what you have put into them.
  • Wardrobe boxes are extra large and tall boxes which come with a hanging rail at the top. They are designed to help you to move clothing, which includes suits and dresses, which you don’t want to simply toss into a normal box and you want to keep upright and non creased. They can be quite expensive to buy, but they serve a purpose. They are often used during house moves, but are not used for any other purpose.

House moving ideas: How many boxes do I need to move?

Moving home is an extremely stressful period of time for most people, and in fact it is commonly referred to as the most stressful experience of your life. The process of having to sell your existing home at the same time as buying a new home, and organising everything and all of the paperwork required with the mortgage lenders and solicitors too, it can all become very tiresome. The actual process of moving involves getting the right packaging materials and organising a removals company to assist you, or to hire a removal lorry and do it yourself if you can. The process of finding the right packaging materials should be the easiest part of all, and yet it can often prove extremely difficult because you don’t know what types and how many best packing cardboard boxes you are going to need. So how many boxes are you going to need to move home?

packing boxes

  • The first and most accurate method is to count all of the possessions within your home, and work out the sizes of each item, and therefore work out exactly how many boxes you will need and of what size. This is obviously very difficult, if not impossible to achieve, because it would take an extremely long time during a period of your life where you don’t have much time available. Most people do not take this method for that very reason, and prefer to take a guess or estimate.
  • The second method is to use the rule of ten. This applies to averagely cluttered houses in the UK, and it is where you would buy ten boxes per room of the house. You would need to buy a variety of different sized cardboard boxes for moving house, to make sure you have space within them to cover most bases of the items in your home. Obviously this is a very rough guess, and it can vary quite a lot depending on how many items you have in each room to move.
  • Most packaging companies offer ‘moving packs’. These are pre made packs which aim to give you a good idea of how many boxes, as well as bubble wrap and tape that you are going to need, based on the number of bedrooms in your home. This is often calculated using industry averages, and can give you a very good guess as to how many boxes you are going to need. They are quick and easy to purchase and find and can save you a lot of time and effort. You can always add a few additional boxes on top of those packs if you feel that you will need them.
  • You could take the view that you will purchase a small number of boxes at first, and then buy more when you run out. This is what most people tend to do, so if you buy just twenty boxes of different sizes to begin with, then you know you can always purchase more when you run out.
  • The opposite view is to make sure that you have plenty of cardboard boxes for moving; too many boxes, so that you never run out. You could buy a pack of one hundred boxes, knowing that you will cover all bases and have plenty. The benefit of this method is that the price per box gets much cheaper when you buy larger packs of boxes at a time, so you can actually save money with this method, but could end up with quite a lot of wastage. It is always very important to re use or recycle boxes if you have any leftover, so that there is minimal wastage available.
  • You could ask a friend or family member of their opinion of how many boxes you will need based on their past experience, because they are likely to operate in a similar way to you. This again won’t always work, because each and every home is different, and the different level of cluttering needs to be taken into consideration.