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Thank you for visiting our shop, Packing Solution, the premier supplier of cardboard boxes in Wandsworth and its surrounding areas in London. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find shops that offer a range as big as ours of cardboard boxes with lids which is why Packing Solution was formed many years ago to look after the people of Wandsworth. We offer a massive range of packaging which is specifically designed for people who are moving home in the local area, and we can deliver nationwide too should you require us to do so.

Buy packing boxes here in Wandsworth with Packing Solution

Storage boxes need to be strong and durable, they need to last a long time in the garage and attic, and need to be able to be re used again and again as needed, and that is exactly what our boxes here at Packing Solution are for. Heavy duty boxes need to be strong enough to withstand bumps and knocks from the outside during the house move in the removal van, and need to be able to hold together when really heavy things are put inside of them.



Heavy duty boxes for moving are brown in colour, which makes them easy to write on. This means you will not lose anything during the house move, and everything stays organised and simple. Boxes for house moving will arrive on a next day delivery service, and if you are not in, they will simply leave a note for you to re arrange delivery when it suits you best. Strong cardboard boxes for shipping can be seen below on this page, or simply take a look at our full products list at the top menu to see our full range of packaging and accessories too. We offer both single and double walled boxes too, which we would always recommend as being the best option. They are much stronger and more durable, and are the best quality, and for the same price, they are definitely the best option. Archive boxes that are available here are all white in colour, so that you can write on the outside easily to say what is inside of them, and they all have lids which make them great for storing things away. We hope you are satisfied with our range and find exactly what you are looking for at Packing Solution.

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