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House moving ideas: How many boxes do I need to move?

Moving home is an extremely stressful period of time for most people, and in fact it is commonly referred to as the most stressful experience of your life. The process of having to sell your existing home at the same time as buying a new home, and organising everything and all of the paperwork required with the mortgage lenders and solicitors too, it can all become very tiresome. The actual process of moving involves getting the right packaging materials and organising a removals company to assist you, or to hire a removal lorry and do it yourself if you can. The process of finding the right packaging materials should be the easiest part of all, and yet it can often prove extremely difficult because you don’t know what types and how many best packing cardboard boxes you are going to need. So how many boxes are you going to need to move home?

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  • The first and most accurate method is to count all of the possessions within your home, and work out the sizes of each item, and therefore work out exactly how many boxes you will need and of what size. This is obviously very difficult, if not impossible to achieve, because it would take an extremely long time during a period of your life where you don’t have much time available. Most people do not take this method for that very reason, and prefer to take a guess or estimate.
  • The second method is to use the rule of ten. This applies to averagely cluttered houses in the UK, and it is where you would buy ten boxes per room of the house. You would need to buy a variety of different sized cardboard boxes for moving house, to make sure you have space within them to cover most bases of the items in your home. Obviously this is a very rough guess, and it can vary quite a lot depending on how many items you have in each room to move.
  • Most packaging companies offer ‘moving packs’. These are pre made packs which aim to give you a good idea of how many boxes, as well as bubble wrap and tape that you are going to need, based on the number of bedrooms in your home. This is often calculated using industry averages, and can give you a very good guess as to how many boxes you are going to need. They are quick and easy to purchase and find and can save you a lot of time and effort. You can always add a few additional boxes on top of those packs if you feel that you will need them.
  • You could take the view that you will purchase a small number of boxes at first, and then buy more when you run out. This is what most people tend to do, so if you buy just twenty boxes of different sizes to begin with, then you know you can always purchase more when you run out.
  • The opposite view is to make sure that you have plenty of cardboard boxes for moving; too many boxes, so that you never run out. You could buy a pack of one hundred boxes, knowing that you will cover all bases and have plenty. The benefit of this method is that the price per box gets much cheaper when you buy larger packs of boxes at a time, so you can actually save money with this method, but could end up with quite a lot of wastage. It is always very important to re use or recycle boxes if you have any leftover, so that there is minimal wastage available.
  • You could ask a friend or family member of their opinion of how many boxes you will need based on their past experience, because they are likely to operate in a similar way to you. This again won’t always work, because each and every home is different, and the different level of cluttering needs to be taken into consideration.