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How many books can fit in a box?

you are moving home or office, then you are likely to have plenty of books that you need to relocate. The process of moving books is tricky, and knowing exactly which type and size of box you are going to need for the job is tough. As most people only move house once every seven years, it is not something that you would remember doing. Books are delicate items that can easily get damaged if you do not protect them well enough, and they can become very heavy when trying to carry too many books at once, so there are plenty of things that you need to think about and consider. Calculating exactly how many books can fit into a box is also something that you need to think about, because this will determine how many boxes that you need to purchase for the task. Where to buy large cardboard box is also something to think about. So here is what we think:

  • Double walled cardboard packing boxes UK are the perfect type of box for moving books. The reason for this is because they are very strong and durable, and so they can hold the weight of the books that you put into them without breaking. They will help to protect the books from damage also, and they can be stacked on top of one another easily without breaking. They are reliable; and ultimately that is what you need from a moving box.
  • A small layer of bubble wrap around each individual box will further help prevent damage of the outside of the books. Bubble wrap is waterproof too; so if it rains during transit you have nothing to worry about.
  • Medium sized best packing boxes are the best for moving books. They are easy to carry when full, because they will not become too heavy to carry as you can only fit so many books into each box. They allow you to fit the ideal number of books so that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently, but without the boxes becoming too heavy and tiresome to carry. Most removal companies prefer medium sized cardboard boxes for packing for heavy objects, as they can easily fit through doorframes and can be stacked in a removal lorry as well.
  • In an average medium sized box, you can fit around twenty books which are of an average size as well. Our medium sized house moving boxes online measure 18 x 12 x 12 inches. You can fit more books into a larger box, but they might become quite heavy. The weight isn’t always a problem if you have plenty of strong hands available, but in most cases the medium size is the best.
  • The number of boxes that you will need will therefore depend on the number of books that you need to move. Twenty average size books will fit into a medium sized box, and so if you have larger books then less will fit into a medium sized box, and if you have a larger box then you’ll fit more than twenty normal sized books inside. You can use that as a rough estimate and guide while preparing to pack and after all you can always buy more boxes if you run out.