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Large Cardboard Packing Boxes are Ideal for Moving


Cardboard boxes are an extremely important part of moving home, and every house mover will need some to assist with the move. Here at Packing Solution, we are experts when it comes to moving home. We have many years of experience in providing the best quality packaging materials for the purpose of moving, and we are a family run business which supplies thousands of professional removal companies around the UK each month. Large cardboard packing boxes are a highly popular choice for moving, as they can hold large items, carry lots of items at once, save you time and effort, and speed up the house move. Which items are best to move in large sized boxes?


Household items that need to be kept together

Organisation is highly important when moving home, and keeping groups of certain objects together is very important. For example, perhaps you have a library or a bookcase that is full of all of your favourite books, which you are wanting to ship to your new house. It is a good idea to try to keep them all together, so that you do not lose any of the books, and the only way this is going to be an option is by using large cardboard boxes for moving house.


Large household objects

There are going to be many household objects that are large, and which are going to need large boxes to accommodate them. Things like electrical items such as a computer, television or laptop will require larger boxes, not only to fit the screen inside, but also the wires that belong with them as well. A bedside lamp and lampshade will require a larger box as another example, or garden tools also. In all of these examples, you will need strong boxes that are made from premium double walled cardboard, which can be found here online.


Delicate household items

Large cardboard boxes for moving house need to be used for delicate items that are easily breakable. The reason for this, is because that you will need to wrap up the delicate items using bubble wrap, and the more delicate an item is, the more layers of bubble wrap it will require around it. You therefore need more space around the item for the protective layer, and a larger box will accommodate this space.

Here at Packing Solution we are moving home experts, and can provide you with free expert advice on any aspect of your house move; so just give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions or queries.


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