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Welcome to Packing Solution- we are the leading suppliers of packing boxes for moving in the UK, and have a massive range of boxes for the purpose of moving home, storage and shipping. Medium cardboard packing boxes are the most popular size of box for the purpose of house moving because they have many great uses, and are practical. They are easy to carry when full, and can easily fit through doorframes and pack nicely into the back of a removal lorry. They are ideal for packing up a kitchen during a house move, and this is why:


Perfect size

Medium cardboard boxes are the ideal size for everyday kitchen items, which include pots and pans as well as toasters and microwaves and plates. They can fit almost anything from your kitchen inside of them, and will therefore keep them safe during transit. You can fit plenty of plates into them and glasses, as well as cutlery too, and they are stronger than larger boxes so they can hold heavier weights inside of them too.


Strong and durable

Here at Packing Solution we have a wide range of double walled cardboard boxes which are perfect for moving kitchen items because they are very strong. The walls are much stronger than ordinary boxes, because they are made from extra thick double walled reinforced cardboard. They can hold very heavy things inside of them, plus they will protect the things you put into them as well.


Value for money

Medium cardboard boxes UK are excellent value for money. As they are the most popular size of box for house moving, this means that manufacturers such as here at Packing Solution are able to offer unbeatable prices due to economies of scale. They are the cheapest type of box with the amount that you can fit into them versus the price, and so if you need a lot of boxes to pack an entire large kitchen, then you can use medium sized boxes for the job at a low cost to your wallet.

Don’t let your house move get you stressed out; just buy a pack of ten medium double walled boxes to make sure that your kitchen is fully sorted! Pre pack your things prior to the removal date, leaving plenty of time to get everything organised, and it will take a load off your mind. Here at Packing Solution we offer next day delivery, to ensure you can get those medium sized boxes that you need on time.


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