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Here at Packing Solution we are experts when it comes to house moving boxes. We have a huge range of packaging for sale, designed to help you to move home effectively. Medium house moving boxes are one of the most popular sizes of box, because of many important reasons. They are a popular size of box and virtually all house movers use this size of box at one time or another. So what makes them so popular?


Easy to carry

Medium size moving boxes are much easier to carry when full as compared with larger boxes, which can become very heavy when they are full. Medium sized boxes can only become so heavy because of the amount of items they can hold inside of them, so they never become too heavy to lift. The medium size makes them an easy shape to lift and carry too, because they can easily be carried by smaller as well as larger people, plus they can fit through almost any doorframe. They are a manageable size for almost any house move, large or small.

Ideal shape for packing

Medium sized boxes are ideal for packing into a removal lorry because the shape allows you to fit lots of them into each load. It means you can fill up every single gap when you buy medium house moving boxes so that there is no space wasted inside of the removal lorry, which will in turn save you trips back and forth to and from the new home. They are easy to lift into and out of the removal lorry too because of the medium size, which will speed up the house moving process significantly.

Extra strong

Medium house moving boxes UK are typically much stronger than larger boxes, because the smaller size gives them extra strength. This is the case with both single and double walled cardboard, and here at Packing Solution our range of medium sized double walled boxes are the strongest you can buy, which is another reason why they are so popular for moving.

Best price

Medium sized boxes are great value for money, and because they are one of the most popular sizes of box, this means that most manufacturers are able to offer these at an unbeatable price compared with other sizes of box. You can save plenty of money if you stick to medium sized boxes for the job of moving home, and here at Packing Solution we offer some of the lowest prices in the UK.


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