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Small cardboard packing boxes

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Small but Strong Cardboard Boxes for Moving or Storages


Cardboard boxes are a useful tool to help you to move home quickly, safely and efficiently. They not only enable you to carry plenty of household items easily, but they enable you to ensure those items are protected during transit too. They enable you to organise your things effectively, and ensure you can fit the maximum amount into each load of the removal lorry or van. Small cardboard packing boxes are extremely popular, for many reasons which we will discuss. Here at Packing Solution we are experts and specialists when it comes to packaging for the purpose of moving home. We supply our boxes, bubble wrap and strong tape to thousands of professional removal companies around the United Kingdom, and our packaging is trusted as being reliable, strong, durable and low priced. So what makes small sized boxes so popular?


Easy to carry

Smaller boxes are easier to carry and transport than larger sized boxes. The small size makes them easy to grip and get your arms and hands around, so they are easy to carry for both small and larger people. (You may even be able to carry multiple boxes at once!)

If you buy small cardboard packing boxes they are lighter to carry when they are full of your household possessions too, compared with larger boxes. This is simply because they can’t hold as many things, which reduces the weight. This makes them practical, because the whole family can assist with the house move no matter how strong you are. They are easy to pass into and out of the removal lorry, which will speed up the move.


Extra strong

Small cardboard packing boxes UK are stronger and more durable than larger boxes, because the surface area of the sides of the box are smaller, leaving less room for potential damage to occur. The smaller size also means that the box itself will be stronger and sturdier.


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