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Bubble Wrap

Packing Solution Offers High Quality Bubble Wrap For Shipping Fragile Items. When it comes to shipping fragile items, you have to be extra careful. You need special material to protect them. This is where bubble wrap becomes useful. Designed with small air bubbles, this material will easily secure delicate items and all you have to do is just wrap it around them. Chinaware, glass, a family portrait are all items that you can pack with high quality bubble wrap and put into a container box for shipment without worrying about the condition of the product.


What is Special About extra strong bubble wrap? 

Top quality bubble wrap cushions the item from bumps and jerks which ensures that it is kept in pristine condition. It is used around the world for packing of fragile items. Whether it is a move to a new home or just shipment of an item to a far-off destination, bubble wrap will ensure that it arrives at the destination in its original condition.


Buy high quality bubble wrap

Bubble wrap for moving in the UK does not allow water, dust or other foreign sources to enter inside, thus maintaining the item’s condition. Valuable items can be put into bubble wrap and safely shipped without any hassle or concern for its well being.


We Offer High Quality Low Cost Bubble Wrap for moving house

We have small, medium, large rolls for sale in various sizes. It is made from high quality material and is strong and resilient. It can be cut according to your desired measurements. Our prices are very low enabling you to save on the purchase, while getting an effective means of packing delicate items. Use it for items such as antiques, television sets, laptops etc and have them arrive at their destination without scratches or damage.

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